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- Single phase motor protection
- Line monitoring for under voltage and overvoltage
- Adjustable time delay
- Wide voltage range and control
User interface
Rotate with a screwdriver each of these 3 parameters
in order to setup your phase monitoring relay :
Timer : delay of time to wait after a safe voltage range
Low V : under this voltage edge the relay will drop out
High V : over this voltage edge the relay will drop out
The status of the LEDs is in this form :
o On : indicate normal conditions
o Wait : indicate that you are in the delay time waiting
o Low : indicate that the voltage is below the value set
o High : indicate that the voltage is above the value set
N.B. The TVR-16A type is with regular plug and regular socket
The TVR-SH type is with shuko plug and shuko socket built-in
The TVR-110V type is with different labeling for 110VAC power supply

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