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Wireless Remote Controlled Socket

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Product Description

 Wall switch and socket Remote Control Socket set for Household Appliances


1.Easy Setup

2.Turn your appliances on/ off remotely, Simplify your life

3. Intelligent Learning Function

4.Sockets with button (all funtions done via remote or Manual on/off button on the socket)

5.Save Energy-Turn off your idle appliances and extend products life by 15%

6.Remote control is programmable

7.Battery included on the Remote control

8.Red LED indicator light

9.White for sockets, Grey for Remote control

10.IP: 20


Technical Data 

1.Operating Voltage: 230V/50Hz

2.Rating: 230V/3680W

3.Recieve range: 35 Meters

4.Remote Frequency: 433.92MHz

5.Learning code: More than one Million

6.Code setting: Learning

7.Battery type: L1028 1*12V Alkaline

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