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Mono Phase Electronic Soft Starter

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The AST-1 series is a compact easy-to-use 1-phase electronicsoft-starter, which is applied to soft-start & soft-stop 1-phase ACinduction motors with full load current (FLC) up to 20A.The AST-1 series come with built-in bypass relay and provide fit& forget concept along with reliability, quality, flexibility,competence & technical advancement.Initial starting torque, ramp up time, ramp down time & kickstart option are selectable by potentiometer.It has been designed and rigorously tested to the exactingIEC/EN60947-4-2 standard.

Advanced fully digital 8-bit CMOS micro-processor based
electronic soft-starter
Rated voltage: 100~127 / 200~240VAC, 1-ph, 50/60 Hz
Ramp up time (soft-start): 3 sec
Ramp down time (soft-stop): 0 / 2 sec
Adjustable initial torque: 30% / 40% / 50% of mains supply
Kick-start of full torque for 200 msec
LEDs status display for:-
Ramp up
Ramp down
Output phase loss indication
Over-temperature indication
Voltage-free (dry contact) enable signal

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