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LSIS's XGT InfoU is an Open Architecture HMI SCADA S/W offers exceptional expandability and compatibility. It uses an optimal combination of innovative technology including a user-friendly interface, progressive graphics technology, and fast and stable networking to insure easy connectivity to a wide variety of industrial devices. It ensures engineering productivity in a wide range of industrial sites from field monitoring panel to process control centers, as the product is capable of satisfying the domestic user requirements – efficiency and general-purpose use.

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Visualization Software to collect and monitor the data made from the field easily
  • Data management such as Operation data collection, Calculation and Saving
  • Monitoring function providing the real data through the screen or graph configured by a operator
  • Real time monitoring for wide area with integrated data transmission system and central monitoring function
  • Operation based on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 environment
  • Enhanced convenience and high speed processing speed through the adoption of up-to-date function which is provided from operating system
Automatic web conversion of the previous project through Wizard
  • Easy web site configuration so that a non-professional operator can use.
  • Real time control/monitor through web brower.
  • History data monitoring through trend.
  • New web site creation and Virtual folder link with the existing web site.
Open structure with Extensibility and Compatibility
  • Interface with industrial standard such as OLE DB, OPC Server/Client
  • Stable communication with device and efficient interface with other system
  • Tag input/output with General purpose database (MS SQL. Oracle)
  • Efficient data sharing with MES or ERP
  • Active X component type graphic object
  • Graphic works using other maker's component
Engineering and real time operation by Project unit, Integrated data Managerment within a folder
  • Copy and move a project to other system or drive
Enhanced graphic engine to meet various requirements
Action and VB script to help powerful and flexible application creation
  • Integrated management for condition of Script, Recipe and database
  • VB script
  • Usage of OLE object such as COM, ActiveX, etc.
Graphic library
  • Plentiful graphic library (about 1000ea)
  • Convenience using Drag&Drop
Variety of graphic files supported
  • BMP, GIF, JPEC, PNG, TIFF, ICON, WMF, EMF, Animation GIF, etc.
Engineering template
  • Template of Selected object or screen and Screen reuse by transferring Parameter

Convenient dedicated graphic object
  • User-friendly object such as Alarm View, Trend, Recipe View, List Trend, Gage control, etc.
Precise and fast screen movement
  • Screen move using zoom, Panning and Navigation function
Layer function
  • Hide/Show and Lock/Unlock for Selected graphic object layer

Built-in Graphic script
  • Various functions using Built-in Script and Internal function of graphic editor
ActiveX control
  • Dedicated control (Alarm View, Trend, etc.)
  • Direct control for 3'th party ActiveX
Virtual keyboard and editor for Panel PC
Efficient data management through Various collecting model and Automatic creation of statistic data
  • Various collecting model
  • Variety of data type
  • Reference of logging data
  • Automatically calculated Statistic and integration data
  • Back-up function
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