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SAJ ON Grid Suntrio Plus 25-60K

EDZ and EDL approved

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Industrial and Commercial three phase PV grid-connected inverters are mainly used in commercial rooftop PV grid system, to turn PV DC current into AC current for equipment in factories or sell to power grid. Suntrio Plus 25-60K is characterized with high efficiency, convenience in installing, stable and reliable. It’s preferred inverter for commercial PV investment.

Flexible and efficient
Optimized global MPPT algorithm, MPPT efficiency is greater than 99.5%
Asymmetric double road MPPT, compatible with various rooftop power stations
Maximum efficiency 98%, European efficiency 97.6%
Ultra wide input voltage range (150V-1000V),Support for various specifications of battery board and string design
Lower temperature drop and increase the power generation capacity of the system
Easy to install
No transformer design, smaller volume, lighter weight
AC output fast interface design, easy to install
Special chassis grip design, easy to install
Intelligent and easy to use
One key set set, easy to set all grid parameters
Built-in independent RTC clock chip to support 25 year power genera
Integrated LCD graphical d
Integrated RS232 /RS485 interface, which
Access to the Wi-F
PC, local / remote intelligent maintenance of mobile phones
Response to power grid scheduling and support intelligent micro grid energy management
Integrated reactive power regulation function
Safe and reliable
IP65 high protection level, suitable for outdoor installation
The design of the whole aluminum material of the chassis to enhance the heat dissipation and antirust and anticorrosion ability and prolong the service life
High voltage DC switch, more safe for maintenance and use
A built-in convective fan to reduce the temperature of the core components and prolong the service life
Natural heat dissipation, no external fan design, longer service life
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