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NMS 1KVA External/Internal Battery Single Phase Online UPS

The all new NMS is an online double-conversion UPS and offers full DSP control. Furthermore all NMS UPS's feature high input and output power factors.

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Availability: In Stock

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* Wide range of input voltage while input PF>99%
* Output PF of 0.9 , more powerful load capability
* Full protection of overvoltage, short circuit and over temperature
* LCD/LED display, monitoring all the operations status
* Auto fan speed adjust


* Capacity: 1KVA

* Input Voltage: 110VAC - 288VAC

* Input Power Factor: ≥0.97

* Input Frequency: 40Hz~70Hz

* Output Power Factor: 0.9

* Output Voltage: 220V/230V/240V

* Efficiency: 87.0%

* Battery Voltage: 36VDC / 7.2Ah

* Max Charging Current: 8A for External type , 1A for Internal type

* Interface: RS232

* W*D*H(mm): 144*353*222

* Weight(Kg): 5 for External type , 10.5 for Internal type 

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