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Timer Digital cyclic

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- Timer relay with 220Vac power supply
- Period and pulse duration modulation
- Wide period range up to 15 hours
- Adjustable period time by front keypad
- Modular housing suitable for mounting on
35mm DIN rail (EN 50022)
User interface
 Press on the Set button to access the setup menu
Use the ▲ & ▼ buttons to scroll menu list :
T O n : Time On Relay ( 1 – 900 )
T O F : Time Off Relay ( 1 – 900 )
T Y P : Type S E C : seconds or M I n : minutes
E n d : exit menu
To make an adjustment to one of these parameters :
 Press on the Set button in front of the
displayed parameter
 Use the ▲ & ▼ buttons to make the adjustment
 Press again on the Set button to exit the
selected parameter
To restart the counter press on the ▲&▼ buttons
simultaneously for 5 seconds
The status of the LEDs is in this form :
o ON : indicate that you are in the Time On period set ( Relay energized )
o OFF : indicate that you are in the Time Off period set ( Relay relieved )

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