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Thermometer Read only

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- Temperature reader
- Wide temperature range
- 2 wires NTC temperature sensor
- Modular housing suitable for mounting on
35mm DIN rail (EN 50022)
User interface
Connect this meter with a 220VAC power supply,
and put your sensor anywhere you want to read
the temperature in ˚C on its display.
To read the temperature of liquids, use a sensor
holder made from copper or stainless steel to put
the sensor inside and close it with silicon.
In case of prolongation of the sensor wires or
sent with power cables and high frequency ones,
it is preferred to use a shielded cable for the sensor.
o H I : Temperature higher then 99˚C
o L O : Temperature lower then -30˚C
o S C : Short circuit connection
o O C : Open circuit connection

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