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THC SSS 220V Dry Contact 10A

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- Temperature reader and differential thermocontrol
- Fixed temperature settings
- Wide temperature range
- Modular housing suitable for mounting on
35mm DIN rail (EN 50022)
User interface
o To read the upper sensor temperature :
press on the Set button,
the upper sensor led will turn on
o To read the lower sensor temperature :
press on the Set button to release,
the lower sensor led will turn on
o Fixed parameters :
Differential High : 10˚C
Differential Low : 5˚C
No Defrost
o H I : Temperature higher then 99˚                 C L O : Temperature lower then -9˚C
o S U : Upper sensor short circuit                   O U : Upper sensor open circuit
o S L : Lower sensor short circuit                   O L : Lower sensor open circuit

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