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Level Meter:Level Sensor 1M

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- Level reader and relay control
- Digital monitoring with high accuracy
- Easy installation with adjustable height
- Pump control up to 2Hp switching power
- Level sensor compatible with most liquids
- Safe to use in explosive environment
User interface
 Press on the Set button to access the setup menu
Use the ▲ & ▼ buttons to scroll menu list :
H L : High Limit
L L : Low Limit
E d : exit menu
To make an adjustment to one of these parameters :
 Press on the Set button in front of the displayed parameter
 Use the ▲ & ▼ buttons to make the adjustment
 Press again on the Set button to exit the selected parameter
o Pressing on the ▲ buttons will show the high limit set
o Pressing on the ▼ buttons will show the low limit set
o S C : Short circuit connection
o O C : Open circuit connection
To set the FULL level (N.B: The tank must be full of water) :
 Put a jumper on the sensor connector for 3 seconds
 The display will blink 99, then you remove the jumper

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