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Ammeter (5A~1000A)

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- AC sine wave current reader
- True RMS current measurement
- Push button to set current transformer ratio
- Wide current range and CT selection
- The input signal at current transformer terminals
is isolated from the input power supply terminals
- Modular housing suitable for mounting on
35mm DIN rail (EN 50022)
User interface
Connect this meter with a 220VAC power supply
To set the Current Transformer ( CT ) value
based to 5A input ratio:
 Press and hold for 3 seconds on the Set button
to access the setup menu
 The display will indicate the CT value to be set
 Press once a time on the Set button to scroll
throw available CT values
 Press and hold for 3 seconds on the Set button
in front of the appropriate CT value to exit
setup and save the new value
 The display will indicate now the exact current
passing throw the input signal terminals

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