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high power Zigbee networ

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High efficiency and high power modules for best coverage of wide areas.

PC operative interface through OCX file which can be easily embedded into the customer high level language program (Visual Basic, Visual C, Java, etc, allowing the convenient network handling.

Application software in Visual Basic language for usage of Aurel OCX component which shows how create, manage and monitor the network by means of high level commands without needing any further pieces of information regarding the network itself.

Possibility of automatic RF channel switch in case of external interferences and automatic rebuilding of whole network within 3 minutes.

Mesh-type data transmission among network nodes by utilizing only ASCII strings made up of address+ data format.

Possibility to lock the network once it is built up and working, allowing the highest control even in presence of other nearby Zigbee networks.

Automatic and user transparent encrypted data transmission (128 encryption key).

Commands set by ASCII strings for low level module usage


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