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434MHz Standard RF data receiver

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The 434MHz Standard (OOK) RF data receiver super-reactive ASK modulation with Trimmable capacitor, low current, low antenna radiation and high insensitivity to power switching noise is optimised for the HCSXXX Microchip family. It is in compliance with European Normative. Performances from the receiver and to comply with the security rules requested by the Certification, electrical and mechanical protection of the receiver has to be guarantee by the User by means of suitable enclosures and applying the appropriate isolation techniques. The receiver must be supplied by a very low voltage source, safety protected against short circuits. Maximum voltage variations allowed is ± 0.5 V, De-coupling next to the receiver by means of a minimum 100.000 pF ceramic capacitor. A whip antenna, 16,5 mm long and approximately 1 mm dia, brass or copper wire made, must be connected to the RF input of the receiver
  • AM modulation
  • 433.92 MHz Frequency band
  • Sensitivity of -106 dBm
  • 5 Vdc power supply
  • Current consumption of 2.5mA
  • RF Bandwidth of ± 2.0 MHz
  • 2 seconds of switch-on time
  • RF spurious emissions in antenna is -65 dBm


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