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8 channel Micro-embedded Transceiver

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 radio transceiver represents a simple and economic solution to the problem of wireless data transmission: the employment of an embedded microprocessor allows a transparent TTL RS-232 throughput without any need of packaging and data encoding, avoiding user to write complex software routines for the transmission management.It's possible to set up input serial speed (9600-19200-38400 bps) by means of two input lines (SP1 e SP2) and it is automatically assigned a different degree of redundancy and protection on the forwarded RF packet depending on the selected speed: Hamming +Manchester at 9600 bps, Manchester at 19200 bps and Scrambling at 38400 bps.

This module is a multichannel transceiver which enables 10 channels at 434 MHz, 7 at 868÷870 MHz and up to 169 channels on the 902÷928 MHz American band.Supply voltage is 3V stabilized and it is provided for the transceiver to switch to power down mode,reducing current consumption to less than 10μA


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