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Digital RF receiver

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In order to obtain the performances described in the technical specifications and to comply with the
operating conditions which characterize the Certification, the receiver has to be fitted on a printed circuit,
considering what follows:
5 V dc supply:
1. The receiver must be supplied by a very low voltage source, safety protected against short circuits.
2. Maximum voltage variations allowed: ± 0,5 V.
3. De-coupling, next to the receiver, by means of a minimum 100.000 pF ceramic capacitor.
1. It must surround at the best the welding area of the receiver. The circuit must be double layer, with
throughout vias to the ground planes, approximately each 15 mm.
2. It must be properly dimensioned, specially in the antenna connection area, in case a radiating whip
antenna is fitted, in it (an area of approximately 50 mm radius is suggested).

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