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XBC DN/DR/DP20SU (12 Input / 8 Output) Standard Type PLC

12 Input / 8 Output Relay or Transistor (NPN or PNP) type outputs, with 2 Option Module & 7 Expansion Stages and standard built in functions such as PID, High Speed Counter, Positioning, 2 channel Communication (RS-232/RS-485), Pulse Catch, Input Filter, External Interrupt.

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► Built-in functions: PID control, High-speed counter, Positioning, RS-232C / RS-485(2 ch), Pulse catch, Input filter, External interrupt.

► Programming language: Ladder diagram, Instruction List

► Processing speed: 94 ns / Step

► Max. I /O points (Main + Expansion 7 stages): 244 points

► Program Capacity: 15Kstep / 200KB

► Input Wiring: supports both Sink & Source type wiring.

► Program port: RS-232C 1 channel (Loader), USB 1 channel (U-type model)

► Retain data at power failure: Latch area setting at basic parameter


Option Modules:

 Memory   XBO-M2MB
 Voltage/Current, Input 2 ch   XBO-AD02A
 Voltage/Current, Output 2 ch   XBO-DA02A
 Voltage/ Current, Input 1ch/Voltage/Current, Output 1ch  XBO-AH02A
 TC (Thermo couple), Input 2 ch   XBO-TC02A
 RTC (Real time clock), Battery  XBO-RTCA  
 DC 24V, Input 4 points     XBO-DC04A
 TR (Sink), Output 4 points  XBO-TN04A
 RTD (Resistance Temperature Detect, Input 1 ch)  XBO-RD01A



Expansion Modules:

 DC Input 8/16/32 Points  XBE-DC08A / XBE-DC16A / XBE-DC32A
 Transistor Output 8/16/32 Sink/Source  XBE-TN08A / XBE-TP08A / XBE-TN16A / XBE-TP16A / XBE-TN32A / XBE-TP32A
 Relay Output 8/16  XBE-RY08A / XBE-RY16A
 DC 8 Input/ Relay 8 Output   XBE-DR16A
 DC 16 Input/ Transistor 16 Output  XBE-DN32A
 Analog Input (Voltage & Current)  XBF-AD04A / XBF-AD04C / XBF-AD08A
 Analog Output (Voltage or Current)  XBF-DV04A / XBF-DV04C / XBF-DC04C / XBF-DC04A
 Analog 2 ch Input/2 ch Output , Voltage & Current  XBF-AH04A
 RTD 4 channels  XBF-RD04A
 Thermocouple 4 channels  XBF-TC04S
 PID Temp Controller 4 channel & 4 Outputs  XBF-TC04TT
 PID Temp Controller 4 channel & 4 Outputs  XBF-TC04RT
 Load Cell Input Module 2 channel  XBF-LD02S
 Positioning Module 2 axis  XBF-PDO2A
 EtherCAT Positioning Module 8 axis  XBF-PN08B
 High Speed Counter (Open Collector or Line Driver)  XBF-HO02A / XGF-HD02A
 Ethernet module (10/100 Base-TX)  XBL-EMTA
 RS-232 module  XBL-C21A
 RS-422/485 module  XBL-C41A
 RAPIEnet module (100Mbps)  XBL- EIMT
 Ethernet /IP (100Mbps)  XBL- EIPT
 Prifibus-DP slave module  XBL-PMEC / XBL-PSEA
 DeviceNet module (125/250/500 Kbps)  XBL-DSEA
 Rnet module 1Mbps(Rnet I/F modules common)  XBL-RMEA
 CANopen module  XBL-CMEA / XBL-CSEA
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