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SS7 2.2KW~1.5MW Soft Starter

Soft Starter reduces electrical and mechanical motor stress by controlling inrush current, and starts a motor more softly and safely. In addition, it monitors the state of motor and protects it at ordinary times.

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Slow Speed
  • SS7 Series allows torque adjustment at slow speed, thus it will adapt to any type of load requirement. this setting is ideal for machine positioning, as ceramic mills, etc.
Dynamic Torque Control
  • SS7 Series are featured with Dynamic Torque Control, exclusive stating method, it means progressive soft starting in those high inertia applications. With this control algorithm, progressive acceleration and optimization of starting current peak is achieved.

D.C. Brake
  • In some applications the deceleration ramp is not enough.
    DC Injection setting is provided in SS7 Series for those, specially in high load inertia machines.
Pump Control
  • An special designed control algorithm for decelerating pumps is provided in SS7 Series. This special adjustment does not operate in function of lineal stop curve for quadratic torque loads, as it is normally operated, but automatically it will adapt to hydraulic system curve.
Serial Communications
  • SS7 is available with in-built RS232/485 serial ports, developed for integration into the most commonly used industrial communication protocols. While MODBUS protocol is standard, other protocols are supported including PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet.
External or Built in Bypass
  • SS7 softstarter offers both possibilities. The user can choose the standard model offering the possibility of installing an external contactor for bridging the power stage once acceleration ramp is finished, until the start of deceleration ramp. Otherwise the user can choose the new SS7 model with built in bypass which will offer the same functionality without requiring any external device installation.
  • In any case, SS7 control stage remains monitoring all control operations and motor protections.
  • Only one softstarter for 230V/400V/440V and 500V, simply adjusting SS7 current to motor’s. For 690V, please consult tables available at standard ratings section.
International Standards
  • SS7 complies with international standards as CE, cTick, UL and cUL


Display Unit + Keypad Control



Input inputvoltage 3 Pahse, 230~500V, 690V(-20%~+15%)
Supply frequency 47~62Hz
Control votage 220~230V(±10%)
Output Output voltage 0~100% Supply voltage
Output frequency 47~62Hz
Efficiency [at full load] >99%
Ambient temperature -10℃ ~ +45℃
Altitude losses Below 3,000mnote1
Ambient humidity Less 95%(non-condensing)
Enclosure IP20
Standard RS232/485, Modbus
Option Profibus, DeviceNet
Input phase missing, High current, Low input voltage, Starting
current limit, Ortor locked, Moter overload(thermal model),
Undefload, Phase unbalance, Moter overtemperature(PTC, normal
status 150R-2k7), Shearpin current
Protections Thyristor fault, SS7 over temperature
Sources Control Localvia keypad, Remotevia digital inputs,
Remotevia Serial Conmmunications (Mobus, RS232/485)

*note1) More 1,000m, 1% derating each 100m

Adjustmentsnote2 Torque surge, Initial torque, Initial torque time, Acceleration time
Current limit : 1~in, Overload : 0.8~1.2In, Overload slope : 0~10,
Deceleration time / Freewheel stop, DC braking, Slow Speed(1/7
fundamental frequency), Dual setting Number of starts allowde,
Torque contriol, Water hammer surge control stop
Input Signals 2 analoque input, 0-20mA or 4-20mA, 0-10V
5 configurable digital inputs
1 PTC input
Output Signals 1 analogue output 0-20mA or 4-20mA
3 changeover output relats (250VAC, 10A non inductive)
Phase current, Supply voltage, Relays status, Digital inputs/ PTC
status, Analogue inputs value, Analogue output value, Overload
status, Motor supply frquency, Moter power factor, Developed
power, Motor shaft torque, Fault history (5 most recent faults)
LED'sIndications LED1 (green) : Voltage present on control board
LED2 (orange) : Blinking, Motor accelerating/ decelerating
On, moter running
LED3 (red) : Fault present

*note2) For additional information consult the technical manual

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