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iXP Series HMI Panel

A user-oriented interface, enhanced performance, soft and quick screen switching and quick respond to touch with a various communication interfaces such as SD Card, Audio Out, RS-422/485, RS-232C, Ethernet(10/100 BASE-TX), USB Host, Option Card Connector, VM Module Connector.

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► High Speed 
High-performance 1GHz CPU is installed to improve the data and screen switching speed, and Windows CE 6.0 Professional OS is adopted to execute NET-based external applications.

► Large Memory 
Large device memory is provided to save mass data. 128MB for screen & images, 1MB for alarm & logging.

► Presence Senso
Sensor detects movement within 1m, to control the backlight, ensuring a longer life of the product.

► More Colorful 
High luminance/resolution LCD with an LED backlight and 24 bit colors to express clear and vivid colors of 16,777,216. 

► 1 Respective Front USB Host/Device Channel 
  · An additional USB host channel is installed in the front panel.
  · A front USB host is used to connect to a USB memory, mouse and keyboard.
  · A front USB device port is used to change the XP-Runtime without opening a control panel or download/upload the drawing file created using XP-Builder.

► Sound Output Function(For all iXP models) 
  · The sound files (wav, mp3) registered using XP-Builder can be output to speakers connected to HMI.
  · An alarm is generated via speakers to warn operators.
  · Up to 512 sound files can be saved.

► Function to use SD Cards 
iXP supports additional SD memory cards along with previous USB memory to diversify the backup means.



Item iXP50-TTA/DC iXP70-TTA/DC
Display Type TFT color LCD
Screen Size 21.3cm (8.4″) 26.4cm (10.4″) 30.7cm (12.1″) 38.1cm (15″)
800×600 pixel(SVGA) 800×600 pixel(SVGA) 800×600 pixel(SVGA) 1,024×768 pixel(SVGA)
Color Indication 16-bit and 24-bit Color (default: 16-bit Color)
Indication Degree Left/Right: 80 deg.
Up: 80 deg.
Down: 60 deg.
Left/Right: 80 deg.
Up: 60 deg.
Down: 80 deg.
Backlight LED Type
Backlight Duration 70,000 hours 60,000 hours
Brightness 500 cd/㎡ 700 cd/㎡ 550 cd/㎡ 800 cd/㎡
Touch Panel 4-Line type, analog
Sound Output Magnetic buzzer (85dB)
Process ARM Cortex-A8 Core (32bit RISC), 1GHz
Memory Flash 512MB(display 128MB) 1GB(display 128MB)
Operation RAM 256MB 512MB
Backup RAM 1MB
Backup Data Date/Hour data, Logging/Alarm/Recipe data and nonvolatile device
Batter Duration Approx. 3 years (Operating ambient temperature of 25°…)
Ethernet 1 channel, 10/100BASE-TX
USB Host 3 channels, USB 2.0 host (mouse, keyboard, printer* and USB memory driver is available)
1 channel, USB 2.0 slave (for download and upload project file)
RS-232C 1 channel
RS-422/485 1 channel, RS-422/485 mode
SD Card 1 Slot (SDHC)
Human Sensor - Detection range: side 1-1.5m, front 40-50cm
Angle: high/low 100°, left/right 140° (detecting 5-20 micron infrared light)
Audio Output LINE-OUT 1 channel
Expansion Module For communication and I/O option module (available later)
VM Module - 4 channels video input (available later)
Multi-language Up to 12 language simultaneously
Animation GIF format is available
Recipe available
Data Logging available
Script Executor available
Certifications CE, UL(cUL), KC
Protection Standard IP65
Dimension (mm) 240.5 × 180.0 × 54.4 270.5 × 212.5 × 60.0 313.0 × 239.0 × 56.0 395.0 × 294.0 × 60.0
Panel Cut (mm) 228.5 × 158.5 259.0 × 201.0 301.5 × 227.5 383.5 × 282.5
Rated Voltage DC24V DC12/24V(AC 100-240V)
Consumption (W)
30.8 42.3 42.3 42.3
Weight (kg) 1.9 2.2 2.4 3.9
*SEWOO printer only
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