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NHS2767 PWM Controller, YYAC-3S AC 220V Thyristor Isolation Module Dimming Speed Voltage Temperature Control Regulator SCR Motor Controller Module

Using original SCR, the input and output optocoupler are completely isolated, and the weak current can be safely used. Through the IO port of the single-chip microcomputer output PWM to adjust the duty cycle to change 220V ac voltage so as to achieve light regulation speed regulation power and so on Output power: controllable load within 220V3A or 660W; Output with a certain load in order to normal voltage regulation PWM direct input 0V low level,the output is 0V; PWM direct input 5V,the output is 220V; Connect this device with lamp or home appliance for dimming, speed, voltage, temperature control.

MCU Voltage: 3.3v ~5V universal;
Frequency:1Hz ~ 500 Hz
Duty cycle: 0~100%
Weight: Approx.10g/0.4oz

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