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HPS605D Mini DC Power Supply 60V 5A

* Up to 0~60V & 0~5A DC output for stable DC output, can meet much comprehensive DC power supply request, such as laptop maintance, DIY prototyping power supply. * Stable! Each unit, we make sure 7x24h AGING TEST before QC pass. It, can switching 230V/110V to DC0V~60V, It is single channel output, 0~5A adjustable accuracy, dual LED display. *Compact and eco-friendly! Get rid of all 1.5V/ 3.7V/ 9V etc dry cell, and lithium cell, it will never "power off". It is continuously adjustable within the rated AC 230V/110V to DC60V~0V. CV/CC working pattern switching automatically. * Safe to use! Full fuse protecting makes it safe to use: over-load protection function, overheated protection function, short circuit protection function. *Small body! easy handling, a sturdy case, novel appearance, good performance, excellent cost effectiveness.

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This HPS605D variable DC power supply comes with rotary switches for setting up the voltage and current, maximum output voltage up to 60 volts and current up to 5 amps.
With its reliability and versatility, an invaluable and indispensable tool for testing, science project etc., ideal for labs, research institutes, R & D facilities.

Ø Single-channel output
Ø CC/CV auto switchable
Ø 110V/230V Switchable
Ø Over-load protection function.
Ø Overheated protection function.
Ø short circuit protection function.
Ø Coarse/ fine tune the Voltage and Current
Ø Nice cooling with temperature-controlled fan
Ø 3 digital LED-display for voltage and current
Ø Small body, light weight ,only 1.4KG ,easy for carry
Ø Good performance with excellent cost effective

Technical indicators:
* Input voltage AC 110V/230V,50/60Hz
* Output voltage 0 ~ Nominal value
* Output current 0 ~ Nominal value
* Voltage resolution 10/100mV
* Current resolution 1/10mA
* Power effect CV≤1%+10mV
* Effect of load CV≤1%+10mV
* Ripple and noise Vp-p≤1%
* Voltage display precision ±1%+1digits
* Current display precision ±1%+2digits
* Net/gross Weight (KG) 1.4KG(3.08Pounds)
* Dimension (mm) 81W×165H×220L

What's Standard Package inside:
-> Power supply×1
-> Power cord×1
-> Test Leads×1
-> User manual ×1


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