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The Microchip 93LC56B device is a 2Kb Microwire (3-wire) Serial EEPROM with dedicated 16-bit memory organization and a voltage operation range of 2.5 - 5.5V.  Also available are the 93LC56A for dedicated 8-bit memory organization and the 93LC56C for hardware selectable word size using the ORG pin. The 93LC56B is optimized for use in consumer, industrial, and automotive applications where reliable and dependable nonvolatile memory storage is essential. The device is available in a variety of Pb-free packages including SOT-23, PDIP, SOIC, MSOP, DFN and TSSOP.


For product comparison, please consider: 93LC56A, 93LC56C


Additional Features
    • Industry Standard Microwire Serial I/O
    • Up to 2 MHz clock compatibility
    • 128 x 16-Bit Organization
    • Automatic Erase All (ERAL) Before Write All (WRAL)
    • Self-Timed Erase and Write Cycles (6 ms max.)
    • Low Power Consumption:
      • Read current 100 uA (Typ), 500 uA (Max)
      • Write current 500 uA (Typ), 2 mA (Max)
      • Standby current 1 uA (Max at -40 to 85°C)
    • Software Write-Protection
    • More than 1 million erase/write cycles
    • Data retention > 200 years
    • Extended Temperature Range Available (Grade 1 as defined in AEC-Q100):
      • Grade 1 Temperature Range: -40°C to 125°C
    • Qualified for Automotive Applications
    • Factory Programming Available
    • Available in SOT-23-6,  PDIP-8, SOIC-8, MSOP-8, 2x3 DFN-8 and TSSOP-8
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