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AC Curtain motor

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Electronic Limit:This motor with electronic limit, no need to set the limit position by hand, it greatly shortens the debugging time. The electronic limit function can automatically delete the limit difference of each day and keep the precise limit position for a long time.
Built-in radio receiver (Optional):Dooya curtain motor is endowed with built-in receiver function, which is compatible with any other type of Dooya emitters. Curtains can be controlled separately or in a group system.
Resistance and stop function :When you use hand to pull the opening or closing curtain, the curtain will automatically stop if meet resistance.
Light touch - start function :If use hand to pull the curtain lightly, the curtain will run automatically and stop until fully opened or fully closed.
Power off - Manual Function :When the power is off, just do as we do to a common manual operated curtain, we can lightly pull the curtain to open and close.
With long lifetime, durable in use:Our company uses high strength synchronous belt, it with anti - aging and acid-resistance function.This system can keep its shape after 15000 times’ use. It has 20 years’ life span if calculated by 2 times per day.

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