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PB-300 (300Watt , 14.4/28.8/57.6 VDC) Single Output Lead-acid & Li-ion Battery Charger

300W Single Output 14.4/28.8/57.6 Lead Acid battery (Flooded, GEL, AGM) & Li-ion batteries (Lithium iron & Lithium Manganese) Charger with built-in passive PFC function (for ONLY N type).

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► Charger for lead-acid batteries (flooded, Gel and AGM) and Li-ion batteries (lithium iron and lithium manganese) (Note.1)

► 3 stage charging

► AC 115/230VAC selected by switch

► Built-in passive PFC function compliance to EN61000-3-2 Class A (For ONLY N type)

► Protection: Short circuit / Reverse polarity / Over voltage / Over temperature

► Cooling by free air convection

► 2 color LED loading indicator

► Low cost, High reliability

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