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PR5200 (5.5KW~400KW) 380~415V Motor Soft Starter

PR5200 series is a good cost-effective motor "Soft Start" & "Soft Stop" solution for smooth Start & Stop without the requirement of speed regulation. Built in reliable protection functions such as Overload, Short Circuit, Input/Output Phase Loss, 3 Phase Unbalance, Motor Under load, Over Heat..

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The feature of the PR5200 soft starter

PR5200 series intelligent motor soft starter incorporates the latest motor control

theory and proprietary motor protection technology and advanced software technology of new equipment, it is an ideal replacement of startup products which early used start method of “Star to Triangle conversion”, “auto former step-down voltage “and “magnetic control step-down voltage” At present market, Its Performance is more superior than other ordinary soft starter without using intelligent control technology.


●The main function of the PR5200 soft starter

   First: to reduce the motor starting current and reduce power distribution capacity, avoid     investment of expansion of power capacity.

  The second: to reduce the starting stress of the motor and the load of the equipment;   Extend lifespan of the motor and related equipment’s.

  Third: Its soft stop function can effectively solve the problem of parking vibration of the inertial system, which is unable to realize by traditional starting equipment.

  Fourth: to have six unique start-up modes adapts to the complex conditions of motor and load, to perfect start effect.

  Fifth: has the perfect and reliable protection function; effectively protect the motor and the related production equipment use safety.

  Sixth: motor soft starter intelligence, and network technology application makes motor control technology to adapt to the rapid development of the electric power automation technology in higher requirements


●The main features of the PR5200soft starter

●perfect human nature design:

Beautiful shape and reasonable structure

Perfect function and easy operation

Sturdy and reliable and compact structure

            Industrial product excellence in the design of art.

●Reliable quality assurance:

            Using the computer simulation design.

SMT placement production process.

Excellent electromagnetism compatibility.

The whole machine of aging, vibration test in high temperature before they leave the factory

●perfect and reliable protection function:

Voltage lose, lower voltage Andover-voltage protection.

            Soft starter motor overheating, lower load, too long starting time protection.

            Input phase lose, output phase lose, three-phase unbalance protection.

Startup current, overload, short circuit protection


●proprietary intellectual property products:

Appearance design patent.

Independent software copyright.

Proprietary motor starting and protection technology.

Unique testing debugging equipment and process.

●swift thoughtful after-sales service:

Reliable performance and lay the foundation of quality service quality.

Provide excellent perfect supporting design scheme.

Timely and thoughtful use consultation.

Continuously improve product performanceaccording to user opinion


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