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NHR0593 DC12-24V 30A Manual Dimmer Controller Knob for Single Color LED Strip Light



    You can conveniently adjust the brightness of your LED bulbs/Led  Strip with this dimmer
    Led Dimmer is a controller that it can adjust brightness  infinitely, its control mode is knob-operated control, you could  adjust light to the appropriate lighting brightness in accordance  with your actual need, Perfect tools for most lighting purpose.
    0~100% brightness adjustable
    Easy to install and simple to use
    Adjust the light soft and stable, no flickering.
    PWM digital dimming, avoid rush current, protect your LED lights
    Mainly use to adjust single color LED light lamps and Led Strip.
    Constant voltage and constant current output can be connected  with amplifiers to extend its load.

12-24V 8A dimmer controller:
Working temperature: -20-60℃
Supply voltage: DC12V-24V
Output: 1 channel
Max load current: 8A
Out power: 12V<96W,24V<192W
Item size: L89 x W59 x H35 mm
Package size: L96ΧW64ΧH65 mm
Weight: 110g
Shell color: White 
12-24V 30A dimmer controller:
Input: DC12V-24V
Working Temperature: -20~60ºC 
Output: 1 Channel
Out power: 12V<360W,24V<720W 
Static power consumption: 1W
There is a black knob, just twirl it to adjust the brightness of LED  lights
Size: Dimension (L x W x H): Approx. 85 x 65 x 20mm

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