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NHS2518 WCS1700 Hall Current Sensor Adjustable 70A Short Over-Current Detector Protection Module

WCS1700 WCS1800 

Dimensions: length 37mmX width 31mmX height 16.5mm

Main chip: LM393 op amp, WCS1700

Working voltage: DC DC 5V



1. has a signal output indication;

2. Current detection range is wide DC ± 70A AC: 50A;

3. Current detection resolution is 32mV/A;

4. Output overcurrent signal indication;

5. The overcurrent signal setting threshold is adjustable, setting the resolution 3A;

6. With mounting holes for easy firmware installation;

7. Sampling current conversion analog signal output, can be connected to ADC, TTL level signal output, can be connected to the microcontroller IO port control.

8. The output signal is: analog signal and level signal.



Intelligent trolley motor over-current detection, stall protection current detection, short-circuit protection detection, demonstration teaching experiment, etc., convenient for secondary development;

Maximum detection current can be selected: ±2A/±5A/±7.5A/±20A/±30A/±35A/±60A/±75A/±100A/±150A/±200A

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