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Mean Well SD series (DC to DC converter)

A DC-DC converter is a device used to convert a DC source from one voltage level to another. Mean Well’s DC-DC converters equipped with internal EMI filter stage that possess the required EMC performance. The SD series are standard form factor DC to DC converters that offer DC converting in an efficient manner.

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The Mean Well SD series DC to DC converters come in models ranging from 15W right through to 1000W! Making them suitable for a very broad range of applications.

15 ~ 150W models are cooled by free air convection and feature a built in EMI filter giving you low ripple noise.

The SD-500 (500W) and SD-1000 (1000W) DC to DC converters feature an output OK signal, remote on/off and remote sense functions, allowing you to incorporate them into automated systems. The SD-1000 also sports a 12V/0.5A auxiliary output.

All models feature a wide input range and the output voltage is trimmable, making the Mean Well SD series extremely flexible and suitable for a multitude of applications.

Mean Well has built a solid reputation for reliability and the S-series DC to DC converters are no exception.

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