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NHS0645 60W 3-24V Adjustable Adapter With Voltage Display EU Plug


Switching Power Adapter for LCD Monitors, LED Strips, Motors, Optical Cats, Mini TVs, 2.5-inch Mobile Hard Disks, Mobile DVDs, TV Boxes, Wireless AV Devices, Charging Devices, MP3/MP4, Desk Lamps, Routers, Switches, Game consoles, telephones, lanterns, cameras, surveillance equipment, massagers, beauty instruments, motors, controllers and other home / portable devices.

Adjustable power adapter parameters:

Input voltage: 100V-240VAC 50/60Hz (wide voltage input, in line with global standards)

Input line length: 0.5 meters can be customized other length

Output voltage: 3-24V adjustable

Output current: maximum current can reach 5A

Rated power: 60W

Output line length: 1.2 meters 

Power interface: 5.5mmx2.1mm/2.5mm



Can adjust at will 4V-24V  2.5A  60W

A socket can be made: EU Plug


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