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Linbell G2 Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell

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Linbell G2 Self-Powered Wireless Door Bell Water Resistance 100m Remote Control for Home Office

Main Features:
• The first self-powered wireless door bell, original Chinese brand products
No battery is require so the product is even more safe and stable
• Lightweight, more attractive and compact
• Just needs you to press a built-in button called worm gear plane generator to produce power
• With special energy harvesting technology, the new wireless bell requires a very tiny pressure only 350g
• After receiving signal the receiver emit sound and small light hint
• The receiver features 4 levels of volume and has 38 songs to choose
• Inside hidden LED design, easy to use
• Never be afraid of wet hands any more, safe to use always
• We guarantee 200000 pressures
• The transmission distance between emitter and receiver is 100m
• The receiver has 3 relay functions, so the transmission distance can be expand to 300 meters

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