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EXB 841 IGBT-Driving Hybrid ICs

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  IGBT-Driving Hybrid ICs


The insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT ) is increasingly being used in small , low-noise, high-performance power supplies, inverters , uninterruuptable power supplies (UPS) , and motor speed controls . 


EXB841 is a hybrid IC capable of driving up to 400A for 600V IGBT and up to 300A for a 1200V IGBT . Since the signal delay in drive circuit is 1μs or less, the hybrid IC is suitable for switching at up to about 40 kHz. 


Note the following when using the hybrid IC :

* The IGBT's gate-emitter drive loop wiring must be shorter than one meter . 

* The IGBT's gate-emitter drive wiring should be twisted. 

* If a large voltage spike is generated at the collector of the IGBT , increase the IGBT's gate series resistor(RG) . 

* The 47μF(#) capacitor absorbs changes in the supply voltage caused by the power supply wiring impedance. It is not a power supply filter capacitor . 

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